Medical Courier Connection

The following rates listed are for annual membership. See renewal terms below.

PREFERRED courier membership is reserved for clients who receive on site training from Integrity Medical Courier Training. They've established a relationship with us, their training (driver and in-house staff) is current, and we know they are compliant and attentive to the changing needs of the medical courier industry. If your training expires and renewal is not brought current within 30-days, your listing will drop to Associate status for the remainder of your term or until you re-certify.

ASSOCIATE courier membership is reserved for live webinar clients of Integrity Medical Courier Training who have established a relationship with us, and are current in their training (both driver and in-house staff). Even though we may not have viewed their operations in person, we have spoken with these members enough to feel confident that they are compliant and attentive to the changing needs of the medical courier industry.

GENERAL courier membership are companies who have not established a relationship with us yet, have not received their training through Integrity Medical Courier Training and/or have not yet begun to service the medical industry. Proof of applicable training (Exposure Control, Specimen Integrity, and HIPAA), a synopsis of your current client services, and 3 of your business client references (email addresses please).

VENDOR membership provides you with exposure to all current members and visitors from the medical industry seeking courier services and suppliers.

NOTE: Before Associate, General, or Independent Contractor members are listed, you will need to submit an application so we can properly vet and assign your membership level.




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Terms & Conditions

Receipt of payment binds receiver ("Company") to the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree, do not proceed with registration.

Membership provides you with an annual listing in the appropriate category which can and will be managed based on your status. Rate adjustments will not be made until the renewal. As we grow, additional membership benefits will be added therefore benefits are subject to change however the listing of your company and a Summit discount will be the least of the benefits you will receive!

Once listed, receipt of a grossly negligent report or complaint from a client, and efforts to correct the complaint or put in place a procedure to protect clients from future negligence, will result in temporary or permanent suspension of your listing. Working with us to correct problems will protect your status!

Once your company is listed and/or the verification process has begun, no refunds will be made.

Once membership fees are paid, annual membership fees are non-refundable and memberships will AUTO-RENEW unless you cancel no less than 30-days prior to your annual renewal. A review of your business, depending on your status, will always take place within 30-days of your annual renewal and may include verifying additional business references from your clients, and any feedback received from our clients. Upon completion of that review, you will receive an invoice to pay your renewal fees which will be based on that review. Failure to pay renewal fees will result in termination of your company membership and it's benefits including deletion of your listing in the Member Directory that we provide to our clients. Should you choose to not renew after the vetting of your company has taken place, you will be invoiced and agree to pay a $100 administrative fee.

To reach us at any time, please call (719) 352-5495 or (719) 502-7081.