Automated HIPAA Awareness Training

This "Awareness" program address your role as an Independent Contractor and identifies many significant "exposure" vs. "breach" scenarios, and offers you valuable information about how to protect yourself against fines, civil and potentially criminal penalties.

This awareness presentation does not intend to replace a company-wide risk assessment.

DO NOT PAY FOR THIS PROGRAM UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO TAKE IT RIGHT NOW! It is approximately 30-minutes in length.

To make this a successful and easy experience, you must have a valid email address to receive your certificate of completion, and DISABLE YOUR POPUP BLOCKER NOW in order to receive the link and password for training upon completion of payment.

Note: If you are using a smartphone or tablet/iPad, you may not get the popup with the link and password as it will be in a layer under the screen you are seeing. If you do not know how to view additional windows under the top layer, you should wait to take the training from a computer or laptop.



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Terms & Conditions Recap

Receipt of payment for the training program binds receiver ("Courier") to the following terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT PROCEED WITH REGISTRATION.

This Training Program is intended for single use and not to be used to train multiple people at once. Only one certificate will be issued for the registered viewer . The training program should be repeated at least on an annual basis or whenever major changes to the regulations occur.

If you have signed up for the wrong program or register twice for the same program and require a refund, there will be a 20% administrative fee deducted due to our requirement to pay credit card fees for the erroneous charge and refund.

Ken Arnold, doing business as Integrity Medical Courier Training ("Author") retains all copyright to the training program in whole and in part.

In no way does Author assume any liability of Courier use, understanding, compliance or lack thereof. Courier understands that certification is not effective until the live training session has been satisfactorily completed and that certification of compliance will expire one-year after the live training session.

Courier shall have no right to reproduce, republish and/or to distribute the training content, or portions thereof. Courier shall have absolutely no rights to license or sub-license to Third Parties. In addition, all requests for training shall be referred to the Author.

Courier agrees to maintain non-disclosure policies and agreements with any employee, independent contractor or other third-party affiliation, including personal use and/or affiliation, prohibiting the sale and/or use of Training, for any reason.

The information provided, while comprehensive, will need to be updated on an annual basis or more frequently as HIPAA, HiTECH and/or Red Flag Rules change. Ken Arnold and Integrity Medical Courier Training assumes no liability for ongoing training, comprehension, compliance or record keeping. In addition, Ken Arnold and Integrity Medical Courier Training assumes no liability for services rendered by this Independent Contractor or responsibility for patient confidentiality, identity theft, breach or exposure incidents of employee(s), independent contractor(s), patient(s) and/or community. Although specific information may not be proprietary in its own right, its compilation is and will be treated as copyrighted. (c) 2015 Ken Arnold © 2015 Integrity Medical Courier Training. All rights reserved.